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Have you ever dive in the sea and take photos using underwater camera? Did you see that there is much beauty beneath the sea water like the colorful animal? If you ever dive into the sea water, it is not complete if you do not capture the underwater scenery as the evidence to tell your friends that you've dived into the sea, meet the the colorful animals and beautiful underwater scenery. Therefore you need an underwater camera.

With an underwater camera you can act as an underwater photographer who has the opportunity to capture the important moments when you're under water. Many parts of the world's undiscovered and waiting for you to explore. Because 68% content of earth is water and most of them are unexplored.

This is your chance to explore them and capture it by using the underwater camera. Being underwater photographer is unique challenges. There is much to consider before becoming underwater photographers. Do you seriously want to explore underwater photography?

Underwater photography is certainly different with wedding photography. A professional wedding photographer may not be able to get a good picture when he was taking pictures underwater use underwater camera.

This site is talking about the underwater camera. If you want to know more, you can see the other pages on  Underwater Camera. This site consists of :


Underwater camera - Differences between underwater photography with others

The most fundamental difference between underwater photography with others is from the equipment and techniques used by the photographer. And the weapon of the underwater photographer is underwater camera. Check this page out.


Underwater Camera - The issues that will arise when using an underwater camera

Problems you will face is the angle and lighting. The other problem you will deal with clarity. If the water is clear, you certainly do not have any problems with clarity. But if you get water that is clear, you will certainly be difficult to get the perfect shot. How to solve the problem of clarity? Maybe this is a challenge for you to get a picture as possible. Check this page out.


Underwater Camera - Come closer to the object

Before you go to dive and make photos underwater using an underwater camera. There are several things to consider. The first time you dive, you may be amazed at the colorful animals and beautiful scenery. You will be tempted to capture them using your underwater camera. Note the distance between you and the object. Do not be too far away.

If you get underwater creatures or exotics scenery that you want to shoot. You can approach these animals. Do not be afraid of a variety of fish. At least you have to know what animals are dangerous and what is not. Make sure they are harmless. You can touch them. With you being so close to them. You can take pictures use underwater camera to be stored in the memory of your photo album. Check this page out.


Underwater Camera - Position of the object to the underwater sunlight

If you want to get both your model and background picture is clearly. You have to make sure the sun rays behind your model and off course front of you. But if you want to get front color appear clearly and the background model appear dark. You should make sure the sun rays behind you.

The lighting among using underwater camera and other kind of camera is certainly different. Perhaps you will be surprised when your depth is around 60 feet from sea water surface because whole colors appear blue and green. So if you want to shoot pictures in 60 feet depth. You have to get as close as you can with the animals as your model. That will compensate for the color distortion. The result can be better. Check this page out.


Underwater Camera - Using underwater camera in depth

How to capture the object under 25 feet depth with the minimum light source? Off course you need flash camera for your underwater cameras.

Flash Camera in Underwater Camera

There is the problem happened if using the flash camera. They tend to reflect on the suspended particles. So whole particles will reflects back to the camera. It makes your picture looks grainy. How do we solve that problem? The Solution is you can use strobe light that attached to the underwater camera. The function of strobe light is reducing the reflection of particles. Check this page out.


Underwater Camera - How to care for an underwater camera

It’s not like regular cameras. The underwater camera needs protection and special care. It’s like check the battery and USB port, it also whole doors must free from leakages. Before and after used, you can clean your underwater camera use a soft or lint free cloth to wipe out every drop of water and dust. Do not use chemicals for cleaning. Because it will reducing the quality of waterproofing capabilities your underwater camera when the camera submerged in water for a very long time. The chemicals for cleaning can also make the original color of your underwater camera become fade.

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