Thursday, June 7, 2012

Underwater Camera - Using Underwater Camera In Depth

How to capture the object under 25 feet depth with the minimum light source? Off course you need flash camera for your underwater cameras.

Flash Camera in Underwater Camera

There is the problem happened if using the flash camera. They tend to reflect on the suspended particles. So whole particles will reflects back to the camera. It makes your picture looks grainy. How do we solve that problem? The Solution is you can use strobe light that attached to the underwater camera. The function of strobe light is reducing the reflection of particles.

In order your shot more natural, you can use ambient exposure. You can try by yourself. You can find a location that has a bit of sun rays. If you are not comfortable with your underwater camera, you can set your underwater cameras to auto-flash. If necessary, you can use manual white balance setting. That is useful if your shoot less than 5 feet from the object. But if you want get the better picture, you can choose manual setting. There are things must consider by underwater rookies photographer.

Colors and light will be disappear when you in the depth. You can lose colors very quickly under water. Maybe you will face trouble with digital camera when you take pictures under water. Example, after you push shutter button of underwater camera, usually delay time arise causing you lose the important moments. Many times it takes a digital camera to be ready to take the next photo. So you get no a picture in a short time compared with regular cameras.

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