Thursday, June 7, 2012

Underwater Camera - Come Closer To The Object

Before you go to dive and make photos underwater using an underwater camera. There are several things to consider. The first time you dive, you may be amazed at the colorful animals and beautiful scenery. You will be tempted to capture them using your underwater camera. Note the distance between you and the object. Do not be too far away. 

If you get underwater creatures or exotics scenery that you want to shoot. You can approach these animals. Do not be afraid of a variety of fish. At least you have to know what animals are dangerous and what is not. Make sure they are harmless. You can touch them. With you being so close to them. You can take pictures use underwater camera to be stored in the memory of your photo album. 

If you get water is not clear. You have to shoot use underwater camera from close range. This will improve the quality of your photos. Because if you shoot from a distance. The Object will be seen to be a silhouette. Surely you do not want your model to appear dark when the sun is shining bright light into the water.

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